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Cybersecurity and

Cyber security incidents have business continuity implications and impacts that extend far beyond the Information Technology (IT) domain. Rather than maintaining and executing IT cyber security incident management and business continuity plans in silos, plans should be complementary and expansive upon IT’s overall response plan. To enable the most effective incident response, touch points between the IT plan and organizational level business continuity plans must be joined in order to ensure that leadership has the information necessary to assess and control the overarching business impacts, while also ensuring IT has leadership’s support in rolling out selected response strategies. 
Contact me today and let's talk about how your organization may benefit from my assistance in bridging the cybersecurity and business continuity gap.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance serves as the foundation from which effective risk management can be built. Your risk management is the capability to achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity. You'll implement controls to ensure compliance with regulations and standards based on industry and past incidents/failures.
Through effective management I have the capability to help your organization build a solid foundation from which you will be able to achieve your security objective and address future uncertainties with the utmost integrity. I will assist in mapping relevant environment controls with the applicable frameworks and ensure compliance throughout the organization. Contact me today and  let's talk about how your company may benefit from my expertise.

Investigations and Financial Crimes

Financial crimes can have a global impact on the financial system and society, I can be there to help fight it to protect the integrity and stability of your organization. My Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Specialist Certifications were had through experience and hard work. Now, let them work for you!
As an AML/BSA Officer I have worked closely with State and Federal regulators and auditors to ensure conformity, safety and soundness in the financial industry. I have been instrumental in the removal of both IT and BSA consent orders placed on a financial institution and developed close working relationships with regulators in the process.
I have successfully performed investigations that have resulted in the arrests and convictions of financial crime actors, some culminating in recovery of victim funds. My SAR filing experience encompasses: Assessments, research, investigations, documenting, narrating, filing and follow up.
With my experience and knowledge: I'll help your organization identify instances of financial crime and work to prevent future financial crimes from occurring. Some of the ways to do this are:
Using technology: Technology can identify unusual patterns of activity.
Sharing information: I'm a professional able to share information with regulators, law enforcement, and organizational stakeholders as necessary.
Getting to know customers: I'll help your organization make sure you have accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about your customers to help detect criminal activity.
Contact me today to see how I may assist you in your Financial Crimes prevention.

Web Development and Support

FQTI  offers website development services by providing professional web design and development and management services removing all of the hassle normally associated with website maintenance. So whether your new website is for content management, e-commerce, a membership based website, or intended for a specific vertical market, reach out today and let's discuss your requirements.


Founded in 1990 by Eina Schroeder. Future Quest Technologies was created based on a fresh consumer need: on- site technology delivery. Prior to Future Quest Technologies, there was next to no on-site technology delivery. Future Quest Technologies strove to be, and successfully became, a trusted provider of Information Technology products, services and support. We specialized in coming out to the customer, providing a complete range of IT solutions at their convenience. Customers find comfort knowing they have knowledge, expertise and commitment behind my technology recommendations and services.


I have run Future Quest Technologies for 30+ years with two core foundations: a strong commitment to the customer and high moral and ethical standards.


I have offered my customers an unparalleled level of product reliability, technical support and customer service by providing the latest technology and focusing on the highest quality software, hardware, service, security and storage solutions. Future Quest Technologies has clearly set itself apart from the competition by listening to customers and delivering a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the marketplace.

Customer First

My goal is and always has been to make sure my computer services, sales and after-the-sale support is efficient, professional and performed with integrity and confidentiality.

Small site
$199 USD

Includes: Business information; such as general information, employee bios and downloadable product data, Integration with social media sites, Google Maps and Google Analytics. This type of site is intended to help create a visual brand image and add a professional touch to your business.

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Content
  • Integration
  • Optimization
  • Support
Medium site
$399 USD

Includes: Business information; such as general information, employee bios and downloadable product data, Integration with social media sites, Google Maps and Google Analytics. This type of site is intended to help create a visual brand image and add a professional touch to you business and receive payments for products listed.

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Content
  • Integration
  • Optimization
  • Support
  • Light eCommerce


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