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Certified Financial Crime Specialist, Cybersecurity, PC Specialist


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Secure Data Destruction

You may be tempted to just throw out old hard drives, erase them, or worse, stockpile them in storage. But if confidential data gets into the wrong hands it can lead to lost customers and loss of revenue. If you’re not using a secure destruction method, your business is at risk.

Data Recovery

Complete Data Recovery Windows PC, laptops, hard drives, USB and more. We take care of various data loss situations, like format, virus attack, accidental file deletion, sudden system crash, unexpected power off. Don't leave your precious files to chance. If there's a way to recover them, we'll do it for you with confidentiality.


Whether it’s cyber fraudsters or human traffickers, corrupt officials or tax evaders, financial crime professionals are facing a wider and more complex landscape of risks and threats than ever before. The Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) credential is the only certification to respond to this need for professionals with diverse skills and broad-based knowledge across the financial crime spectrum.


  • PC and MAC workstations design, deploy, support
  • Centralized / Local Patch Management
  • Data Recovery, Forensics
  • LANS, WANS, Firewall Setup/Maintenance
  • Data Retention / Imaging Solutions
  • Printer diagnostics/repair
  • Wireless / Security systems
  • LCD/Plasma TV Repair
  • Mobile Phone Diagnostics / Repair
  • Software

  • Microsoft Windows / Server 2012
  • Microsoft Office Suites
  • OpenOffice Suites
  • Centralized Comprehensive Security Management
  • Database Development / Security
  • Web Development Platforms
  • Java, HTML, PHP
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL/Exchange

  • ... many more


  • Ethernet Wiring (CAT3/5/5E/6) / Structured
  • Switches/Hubs/Routers
  • Installation/Configuration
  • Firewall/Internet Connectivity/Networks
  • Windows Server / SQL / Exchange Setup and Administration
  • Network Appliances/Protocols/Print Server
  • Wireless Networking
  • Networking/Multimedia Setup
  • My Portfolio

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    Digitizing Data

    A major project that involved digitizing the Calea documentation in a universal format that could be referenced and installed in squad cars. This was further used to assist Police Officers in training for their certifications.

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    Data Recovery / Backup

    I've performed hundreds of successful data restorations from various media, disaster recoveries, and systems forensics.

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    Web Development

    I've been involved in designing, deploying and maintaining a wide variety of web based infrastructures from registration and hosting to marketing for over 20 years.

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    Vendor Management

    I've had the pleasure to form and manage long-term vendor relationships with complementary service and product providers to enable successful delivery of technology solutions. I hold experience in sourcing, vetting, and maintaining proper vendor relationsips to provide regulatory reporting responses.

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    From planning to implementing, maintaining, troubleshooting and training, I've helped a wide array of customers safely navigate their software for a better computer experience.

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    Over the years I've been involved in designing, delivering, installing and maintaining network systems for small to medium sized businesses - coordinating all aspects from pre to post-support.

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    Like shiny objects? Here's some geode projects for sale.

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    Interesting paint jobs, also for sale.

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    Digital Forensics

    Having been doing digital forensics for over 20 years I decided to refresh my qualifications.

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    Investigative Interviewing

    Not only was this an exciting adddition to my portfolio, I'm exanding on this one.

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    Risk Management

    Almost every industry needs risk management. You can never know too much!

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    Certified Financial Crime Specialist

    An intense certification in an exciting field I am honored to be a part of.

    Core Competencies

  • AML - Anti-Money Laundering
  • BSA - Bank Secrecy Act
  • Certified Financial Crime Specialist
  • Commitment to ongoing training/education
  • Cybersecurity
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • PC Hardware, Software and Networking
  • Customer Service
  • Data Recovery
  • Digital Forensics
  • Current Responsibilities

    In 2014 I graduated with my Bachelors of Science Criminal Justice / Psychology Degree. My focus was on forensics. Post-graduate work has found me assisting in Anti Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act Functions, Forensic Due Diligence, Vendor Management, Hardware, Software and Network security, diagnosis, support, and maintenance per FFIEC, FDIC, NIST and IDPR government regulatory standards. I work closely with regulatory agents to ensure proper monitoring, acting, maintenance, reporting and retention for sensitive environment data. I am currently working on certification in Digital Forensics.

    About FQTI

    Founded in 1991 by Eina Schroeder, Future Quest Technologies was created based on a fresh consumer need: on- site technology delivery. Prior to Future Quest Technologies, there was next to no on-site technology delivery. Future Quest Technologies strove to be, and successfully became, a trusted provider of Information Technology products, services and support. We specialized in coming out to the customer, providing a complete range of IT solutions at their convenience. Customers find comfort knowing they have knowledge, expertise and commitment behind my technology recommendations and services.

    More Info

    I have run Future Quest Technologies for 30+ years with two core foundations: a strong commitment to the customer and high moral and ethical standards. I have offered my customers an unparalleled level of product reliability, technical support and customer service by providing the latest technology and focusing on the highest quality software, hardware, service, security and storage solutions. Future Quest Technologies has clearly set itself apart from the competition by listening to customers and delivering a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the marketplace. My goal is and always has been to make sure my computer services, sales and after-the-sale support is efficient, professional and performed with integrity and confidentiality.

    This is me

    OverAchiever, Workaholic

    I am a motivated, performance driven IT professional. I've been in the computer industry for over 31 years and enjoy the changes and challenges it brings. When customers have technical support issues I am creative and resourceful in making sure a solution is found. My IT background is well rounded and I cover everything from hardware to software, wired to wireless networks, web design to web hosting - all service and sales related to technology. I am constantly re-testing and learning about new technology so I can stay competitive and knowledgeable to bring my customers the best support possible.

    Specialties: Customer Relationship Management, Creative Problem Solving, Customer / Vendor Relationships, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Administration, Technical Services, Technical Support, Corporate Identity, IT Policies/Procedures, Web Development

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